Square Enix Details Last Remnant DLC For December

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We've not seen the last of The Last Remnant, as Square Enix drops the details on not one but four different packs of downloadable content coming to Xbox Live Marketplace in December. The first two free packs, Challenge Pack 1: "Purgatory's Sins" and "The Key of Ancient Ruins" will be release on December first, with the former containing a new set of difficult guild challenges and the latter introducing a new area to explore. Then December 15th sees the release of the "March to War" set, which is the three special pre-order formations for 100 MS points. Finally, on December 22nd they release Challenge Pack 2: "The Price Of Lies", which is as free as the first one. Note that all of these dates are for gold Xbox Live Members, with silver members getting access a week later. I'm having nightmares about the game's difficulty as it is, so the prospect of more difficult missions? Truly terrifying.THE LAST REMNANT DETAILS OF NEW DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT London (26th November 2008) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces details of the forthcoming Xbox LIVE® downloadable content for THE LAST REMNANT™, on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Details of the downloadable content are as follows: Challenge Pack 1: “Purgatory’s Sins” Price: Free Release date: Gold Member: 1st December, 2008 Silver Member: 8th December, 2008 Level up your game with this pack of ultra-challenging guild tasks. Adequate game progression is necessary. “The Key of Ancient Ruins” Price: Free Release date: Gold Member: 1st December, 2008 Silver Member: 8th December, 2008 Unlock the gates to the Ancient Ruins with this key, and discover what mysteries lie within its crumbling depths. “March to War Set” Price: 100 MSP Release date: Gold Member: 15th December, 2008 Silver Member: 15th December, 2008 Three special unlockable formations (Scatterswarm, Goblet and Catapult) that will boost your tactical strength during battle. Challenge Pack 2: “The Price of Lies” Price: Free Release date: Gold Member: 22nd December, 2008 Silver Member: 29th December, 2008 Add this pack of the most difficult guild tasks yet. Adequate game progression is necessary. For more information about THE LAST REMNANT please visit the official website at www.lastremnant-game.com



I cannot wait to see your take on the game, because every review is showing how buggy the gameplay is, and how horrible the framerate is during battle and certain parts of the game. I was really hoping for this to be a great game, but seeing all of these issues that Square-Enix has with the Unreal 3 Engine, it just deters me from wanting to buy, or even try it.

Hopefully they will release some updates to improve these performance issues.