The Daily Show Takes a Shot at Microsoft and Xbox One

Last night’s edition of Comedy Central’s fake news program had cranky commentator Lewis Black ranting about new and upcoming technology. Along with Google Glass, Black takes aim at the Xbox One and its always-watching/listening Kinect camera. It’s pretty funny stuff. (Except that Black doesn’t mention that you’ll… »6/13/13 12:30pm6/13/13 12:30pm

If They Made a Video Game About the David Petraeus Affair...

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart digs up an old pun and applies it to the ongoing "Love Pentagon" fiasco. If they made a video game about the ongoing sex scandals revolving around former CIA director disgraced general David Petraeus, they could call it Call of Booty. Timely... though watch the full clip for the better… »11/14/12 8:48am11/14/12 8:48am