Olivia Munn Trying Out For The Daily Show

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Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, who recently played a reporter in Iron Man 2, is appearing as a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart over the next couple of weeks.

A Comedy Central spokesperson tells Reuters that Munn's appearance is a "tryout", something that is not unusual for the network. However, Munn is the highest profile individual to try, points out Reuters.


Last year, Munn appeared in Playboy magazine.

Olivia Munn trying out as Daily Show correspondent [Reuters Thanks, Phil!] [Pic]

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Here is what is bad about Olivia Munn:

1. She looks like a buffalo.

2. She has a horrible smile-on-demand. It is one of those "smiles" that makes someone look like she just drove by a manure farm with the windows down.

3. She is a woman. Women in general are A) less funny, and B) less confident, which leads to a) worse acting and b) an exacerbation of their low quality humor through their seeking of approval and vindication in (thankfully) mostly subtle ways, such as constant anxious looks to see if their jokes are well taken.

All of that, plus she is not much more than sexually attractive; she is not ravishing or even cute, and it would take her having a very impressive attitude toward life to warp my perception of her physical appearance into something approaching "beauty."