Hey, Olivia Munn Was Cut From Iron Man 2, Then Added Back

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Olivia Munn, host of television program Attack of the Show! and Playboy covergirl, was slated to appear in forthcoming Hollywood film Iron Man 2. Then she ended up on the editing room floor.

"As they started to edit they realized it was becoming darker than what they'd expected and what my scenes had allowed for," Munn told Complex magazine. "My parts were lighthearted and comedic."


It sounds like she took the news in stride: "Everyone knows who the stars are in this movie. I'm not one of them and I understand the editing process. Some things don't work out."

But when director Jon Favreau called her up to let know her she'd been edited out of the picture, he also said he wanted her to be in Iron Man 2.

"Actually, they just gave me another role in the film," Munn explained. "I had to reshoot all of my scenes." So there you go. Olivia Munn will be in Iron Man 2.

Munn's IMDB page lists her role as Melina Vostokoff/Iron Maiden; however, IMDB pages are not always 100 percent correct.


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Am I the only one who thinks that she is completely over-rated? It is painfully obvious that she knows nothing about anything that is discused on AOTS. She just reads the teleprompter and looks for every opportunity to use the show to self promote and forward her modeling career.

Hearing that she is in Iron Man 2 makes me lose a LOT of respect I had for Favreau. If he wanted a no talent but decent looking actress he should have gotten Megan Fox. Why he felt he had to settle for the "poor man version" of her, I will never know.