The Daily Show Solves The Problem Of Violent Games And Children

Is the solution to children playing violent video games bundling Family Game Night with a machine gun, a nine-person shooter, or replacing Niko Bellic with American public radio personality Ira Glass? Watch out: He'll shoot your penis off.

The Supreme Court hearing regarding California's violent video game law began this week, and The Daily Show took notice, taking a moment out of its busy schedule to let correspondent and fake video game developer John Hodgman offer his own solutions to the problem of keeping violent video games out of the hands of children.

Of course none of these would work. Hell, I'd buy Grand Theft Auto: Ira Glass in a heartbeat.

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Yankton, née Spacemonkey Mafia

I still insist should they ever make a Half-Life movie, Ira Glass is Morgan Freeman.

Also: Daily Show, John Hodgman, Ira Glass and video games? That's a big bowl of favorites gumbo.