This Is Bill Clinton's I'm-Playing-A-Video-Game Face

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Former President Bill Clinton told The Daily Show's Jon Stewart yesterday that he's been obsessed with a video game at least once in his life. He did not say which game.


It's not news when most people play video games, but this is one of our only instances of a U.S. President admitting he plays games. But which game? He doesn't say. Too busy talking about helping the world through his Clinton Global Initiative.

Jump to 5:00 for the relevant part.

Any guesses on which game Clinton would have been "hooked" on? Surely not NBA Jam...

Exclusive - Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2 [The Daily Show, thanks Jeff!]


This segment stood out to me when I saw the clip last night, too, just because it caught me off guard.

Shame we can't vote for him again, because honestly he's made more sense in his speeches trying to support Obama than Obama ever makes on his own. Too bad I will never vote Democrat or Republican ever again in my life.