Jon Stewart on the Photos of Osama bin Laden

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I agree with the sentiment, but not a fan of once again vilifying the video game medium. Are video games worthy of some criticism in this regard? Absolutely. And it falls on us, as an industry (listen to me, talking like I'm a part of it o_O), to change that mentality. We need to create games which acknowledge the horror of war rather than romanticize it.

How about an in-depth shooter that doesn't involve killing people. There is absolutely no reason that Call of Duty couldn't be remade to be a game consisting of squirt gun fights. It could be a great homage to childhood and parody some of the conventions of the genre's current state.

Or a game about war which really strives to represent it in a meaningful way. How about a FPS war game where your goal is to NOT shoot and kill anyone, and the trick is getting through the game without taking any lives while also keeping your own?

I dream of creating a RPG with a fully functioning battle system and great gameplay which doesn't involve killing a single person or monster. Take that as you will.