Jon Stewart Rips Senator For Attacking Video Games During Gun Hearing

As you might have heard, the U.S. Senate shut down a bill this week that would extend background checks on gun sales—a bill that most Americans supported. And of course, someone brought up video games.

Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, Nebraska senator Mike Johanns called it "ironic" that people who support the bill want gun control in real life but not in movies and video games.


"Apparently we should ban these devices in rural Nebraska, where we grew up around firearms, but allow our children to idolize Hollywood stars committing mass shootings on the big screen, and then try it out for yourself in a graphic video game where the game is interactive, violent, and you are literally shooting at people," Johanns said. You can see Jon Stewart's brilliant reaction in the clip above.

It should be noted that Mike Johanns is an actual senator in the actual United States. This is a person who has actual power and influence on the actual laws of an actual country.

Here's the full clip of Johanns's remarks:

For more on violence and video games, check out our in-depth look at 25 years worth of research on the psychological effects of violent video games. Especially if you are a U.S. senator.


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I find it fascinating that our plan to lower gun violence has anything to do with guns... personally, I think that we need to focus on our mental health care and our glorification of violence as a culture, in general. Violence is the focus of a LOT of our entertainment and, when we're raised with this kind of thing, I'm not surprised when we have a different (unrealistic) attitude towards it. However, the big issue with that is that it's entertaining... it makes money and people enjoy it and, because of this, I doubt it will be going anywhere (or, more realistically, lessened). And the health care is just another huge bag of worms.

Mostly, I'm sick and tired of people trying to take this incredibly complex issue that we're attempting to deal with and simplifying it to the point of stupidity (more laws on guns will mean less gun violence... though I'm not saying that better background checks would be bad, mind you! I was fine with the bill, but annoyed that this is our "taking action".).

Oh, and if a majority of Senators supported the gun bill, wouldn't it have passed? I think it's kind of ironic that people keep saying that... well, that, and the one where they keep saying it was just Republicans that messed it up, when there were many people from both sides that voted against it.