Patrick Stewart Looks Fantastic in a Moon Rover Costume

All you have to do is follow Sir Patrick Stewart's Twitter to see he's always ready for some fun. So it's only slightly shocking to see him dressed as China's latest moon rover, which was also the topic of last night's Daily Show.


Watch Patrick Stewart's segment below, or head over to The Daily Show to check out the entire clip.

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Straw Hat

You know, I've been trying to pinpoint the moment where Stewart left behind his image of ultra-serious Shakespearean actor and utterly embraced being an awesome lunatic.

I mean really, go back and look at him during the early seasons of Star Trek TNG, he comes across like a stick in the mud even when out of character. And now he's jumping in ball pits and marrying hot girls half his age and doing stuff like this, and you think "Man, I wish I was Patrick Stewart."