If They Made a Video Game About the David Petraeus Affair...

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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart digs up an old pun and applies it to the ongoing "Love Pentagon" fiasco. If they made a video game about the ongoing sex scandals revolving around former CIA director disgraced general David Petraeus, they could call it Call of Booty. Timely... though watch the full clip for the better joke about George R.R. Martin.

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I don't get it.

The military can fly drone attacks, killing terrorists and the occasional innocent civilian. They can kill people on foreign soil without any declaration of war. They can invade countries for sketchy reasons, which are revealed as simple manufactured "evidence". They can arrest people for the mere suspicion of being a terrorist, without ever seeing a jury, and they can torture these people in secret prisons far away from any justice system.

But the one thing they cannot have is an affair, because THIS is somehow morally wrong in comparison to the actions stated above? Seriously, you Americans, what the fuck is wrong with your country?