The Nostalgia Nerds Who Rescue Old Games From Oblivion

Do you remember the first computer game you played? What about the first program you downloaded? Unless you've just emerged Brendan-Fraser-in-Encino Man-style from the earth, wholly unaware of computers (in which case, I have several questions for you), your early digital distractions are probably years, if not… »11/21/14 11:54am11/21/14 11:54am


Gearbox Pulls an Oprah, Gives Away Borderlands 2 To Everyone in Raucous Crowd

You get a Borderlands 2! You get a Borderlands 2! This is Randy Pitchford and other top people from Gearbox Software giving away a copy of Borderlands 2 to every one of the 900 people who showed up at their community panel at PAX. Everyone got a card that includes a redemption code for the game (redeemable when the… »8/28/11 8:10pm8/28/11 8:10pm