The Princess Zelda Statue I've Been Waiting For

First 4 Figures has produced some amazing pieces in its The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess line — the Link on Epona statue is gorgeous, and themassive Ganondorf is the centerpiece of my gaming statue collection — but there's been something missing, until now. Finally, we have Princess Zelda. » 4/01/14 4:30pm 4/01/14 4:30pm

The Real Reason Behind Zelda's Sheik Disguise

Relationships flourish on trust, but if you had the opportunity to hide in plain sight and observe how your significant other behaves when you aren't around, would you take it? Zelda sure as hell would. » 5/13/11 12:40pm 5/13/11 12:40pm

Zelda Puts The Spirit In Spirit Tracks

You know that little spirit that's been following Link around in all of the trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo DS? Surprise, it's Princess Zelda! » 11/06/09 10:20am 11/06/09 10:20am