My First Few Hours With Dying Light

I wasn't sure what to expect from Dying Light, a new open-world zombie game from a studio known for making the regrettable open-world zombie series Dead Island. Imagine my pleasant surprise, then, when I discovered some cool ideas during my first five hours with the game. Maybe you can teach an old zombie new tricks. » 1/27/15 2:00pm 1/27/15 2:00pm

Real Human Should Probably Have Taken Damage From This Jump

I've seen parkour videos where the perspective makes it look like a video game. I haven't seen many where I actually hold my breath and think, boy, even in a video game that might have been fatal. » 8/04/14 9:30pm 8/04/14 9:30pm

Though its Kickstarter didn't perform all too well, indie parkour game Lemma is still alive and in active development, as evidenced by its new (and quite good-looking) trailer. In a comment on YouTube, Lemma's lead developer gave an optimistic release date estimate of January on PC. » 7/10/14 4:00am 7/10/14 4:00am

More Footage Of Parkour And Zombie-Killing In Dying Light

Techland just released an intense new trailer for Dying Light. The video shows off the open-world zombie game's supremely bloody gameplay, along with some nimble parkour moves: » 6/04/14 12:45pm 6/04/14 12:45pm

It's Peter Parkour, The Amazing Freerunning Spider-Man

I am so sorry. I tried to come up with something different, but I kept coming back to "Peter Parkour". Hopefully this superhero-themed video from Ronnie Street Stunts can redeem the headline. » 4/29/14 3:00pm 4/29/14 3:00pm

A Collection of Painful-Looking Parkour Fails

Usually, when we show you parkour, it's footage of successful, awe-inspiring runs. The point is to highlight finesse in movement. But actually getting to that skill level takes a lot of practice—and failed runs. » 3/06/14 8:30pm 3/06/14 8:30pm

And Here's Why The Average Person Shouldn't Try Parkour

Characters like Ezio in Assassin's Creed make parkour seem so easy—you're literally just a couple of button presses away from doing some cool move or trick. It's not so easy in real life, of course. » 1/03/14 1:30pm 1/03/14 1:30pm

Not Sure If Next-Gen Mirror's Edge Or Real Life

Boy, these guys did a damn fine job nailing the game's trademark style, from the outfit to the obstacles to the field of view on the camera they used. » 9/05/13 12:00am 9/05/13 12:00am

Know What Would Make Jedi Even More Awesome? Parkour.

Between lightsabers and usage of the Force, Jedi are already pretty cool. Even so, watching the folks at ronniestreetstunts free-run as Jedi over the desert is effin' awesome. » 7/31/13 9:30pm 7/31/13 9:30pm

This Is Mirror's Edge In Real Life. It Is Terrifying

I can’t tell if these guys are imitating Mirror’s Edge, or if this video is just a testament to how well the game captured what parkour feels like. Either way, this first person Parkour video is so much like Mirror’s Edge that it’s actually a little bit terrifying. » 7/01/13 12:30am 7/01/13 12:30am

There’s even moments that feel like it is straight… » 7/01/13 12:30am 7/01/13 12:30am

If The Zombies Learn Parkour, We're All Screwed

Slow zombies may be a cliche, but I'd take them any day over having to figure out how to survive against super agile, parkour zombies—like the ones in this video by ronniestreetstunts. » 5/17/13 6:30pm 5/17/13 6:30pm

Get A Load Of This Amazing Real-Life Assassin's Creed Parkour

Just when you think no one could really move through the forest as gracefully as Connor from Assassin's Creed III, someone does. Free-runner Ronnie Shalvis, specifically. » 11/01/12 6:02pm 11/01/12 6:02pm

This Real-Life Assassin's Creed Parkour Runner Has Great Moves

Cosplay is one thing; many men and women have worn the Assassin's hood. Actually going out into the city and scaling buildings, though... well, that's another thing entirely. » 9/04/12 10:00am 9/04/12 10:00am

Life Imitates Art, And Vice Versa, For Monday Night Combat

Aung Zaw Oo - better known as the parkour-lovin' game animator AZO - shows how he incorporates moves he does in real life into the animations of the upcoming class-based shooter Monday Night Combat by Uber Entertainment. » 2/01/10 7:20pm 2/01/10 7:20pm