Of course, there’s more to Bubble than just teens running around looking cool. The film focuses on Hibiki, a young parkour ace with a reputation for recklessness. When the thrill-seeking teen takes a tumble into the ocean he is saved by a girl named Uta with mysterious powers. The whole thing is a unique twist on the original Little Mermaid fairy tale, only instead of the girl falling in love, having her heart broken, and turning into bubbles, here a bubble falls in love and becomes a girl. Stranger things have happened. Well, stranger things have happened in anime, at least.

Promotional art for the anime Bubble shows a girl grasping a large soap bubble amid an upside-down cityscape.
Reminds one of a certain fan-favorite PS Vita game from Sony.
Image: Netflix

Bubble, which debuts worldwide on Netflix on April 28, has what sounds like an interesting story, a kick-ass trailer, and a pedigree that also includes Death Note artist Takeshi Obata on character designs and Attack on Titan composer Hiroyuki Sawano handling music duties. All it needs now is a video game tie-in so I can play along with Hibiki and friends.