Oct. 26 is the Invasion Date for The War of the Worlds

When I saw it at E3, The War of the Worlds didn't wow me. On second thought, maybe I saw the wrong level. Arriving on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, The War of the Worlds looks to be a serious platformer, not just something whose stylized presentation of 1953 London is pretty to look at. » 10/21/11 5:40pm 10/21/11 5:40pm

Mean Girls Game Capitalizes on Film's Popularity, Lohan's Career

Six years, three arrests and three rehab stints after Lindsay Lohan starred in Mean Girls, its video game adaptation is being released. Without LiLo on the box. This, folks, is what the suits call "leveraging a hot property." » 4/12/10 7:20pm 4/12/10 7:20pm

There Are Finally Clueless, Mean Girls & Pretty In Pink Games In…

Seriously. If you remember, back in March Paramount movie studios announced they were getting into the gaming business. Today, they've announced their first three titles. To be developed in conjunction with Legacy Interactive, the first three games (all adaptations of films, obviously) will be...yes, Mean Girls,… » 7/22/08 7:30am 7/22/08 7:30am