Paramount Pictures is readying a major marketing push into Sony's PlayStation Home service for the upcoming film Watchmen, with exclusive footage, a filmmaker Q&A session, and of course, Watchmen costumes for your avatar.

The film adaptation of Alan Moore's classic comic book series The Watchmen is a major deal for Paramount, and no on is safe from their relentless marketing campaign; not even the residents of Sony's PlayStation Home. With exclusive clips of the film already available for viewing, the PlayStation Home Watchmen invasion escalates on February 27th, when players can purchase exclusive clothing and items for their avatar, including clothing, a doomsday clock, and a couple of fine-looking costumes of characters Nite Owl and Rorschach. >


Then on March 6th, Paramount is hosting the first-ever filmmaker Q&A session in PlayStation Home, featuring the movie's director Zack Snyder (of 300 fame) along with graphic novel artist Dave Gibbons. While the Q&A is an invitation-only event limited to 10 guests, it will be streamed majestically across the internet, eventually incorporated into a full Watchmen webcast that includes footage from the film and clips from the UK premiere .

The PlayStation Home push is being orchestrated by the fine folks at specialist film marketing agency Picture Production Company and Deluxe Corporation, who previously worked on one hell of an amazing Second Life campaign for the Transformers movie, complete with custom transforming robot avatars. You know, for the kids.

While I've not spent too much time in PlayStation Home at this point, I might have to log in long enough to pick up a sweet Nite Owl costume. Wake me up on the 27th please.


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