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PlayStation 3 owners and PC gamers jealous of the Xbox Live Arcade timed exclusivity of Star Trek D-A-C will be able to put that pain and suffering behind them soon. And by "soon," publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment means November.

Not quite the "late summer 2009" we were promised earlier this year, but at least it's coming. And, according to an update from Paramount, the late ports will be even better.


Star Trek D-A-C for the PlayStation Network and PC will offer patient Star Trek space combat fans two new ship classes, a new game mode, new pick-ups, a new map for Assault Mode and "more." PC fans have it even better, as the top-down shooter will offer a 3D stereoscopic viewing option, should they have Nvidia 3D Vision compatible hardware.

The DVD and Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek also hits in November, so you'll probably have ample reminder that D-A-C is coming back around.

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