Six years, three arrests and three rehab stints after Lindsay Lohan starred in Mean Girls, its video game adaptation is being released. Without LiLo on the box. This, folks, is what the suits call "leveraging a hot property."

Better yet, it's actually been two years since Paramount was said to be working up the game in the first place. A two year dev cycle? Gawd, that must mean this is some AAA sandbox RPG right? Wrong. Last we heard it was some kind of Puzzle Quest ripoff for the DS that only allegorically referred to the movie or its characters.


Then again, by the time Paramount licensed this over, Lohan's descent into cocaine, booking photos and hideous tabloid coverage had reached its nadir. So it's doubtful they planned to include her anyway, although her character is apparently a part of it.


The game's listed for an April 20 release. Just remember, in the end, despite long odds, self-destructive behavior and a never ending development cycle, Mean Girls still got made and Duke Nukem Forever didn't.

Mean Girls DS Arriving Sans Lohan [The Tanooki]

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