The announcement that Legacy Interactive and Paramount would be collaborating on games based on female-led films Mean Girls, Clueless and Pretty In Pink left us... dismayed? Don't get me wrong, I loved both Clueless and Pretty In Pink (shut up) — they're fine films. But after the thing that was The Princess Bride video game, it's hard to dislodge this chip forming a groove in our shoulders. MTV Multiplayer got some surprising info on one of the key titles, the Lindsay Lohan vehicle Mean Girls. It looks to be a shameless Puzzle Quest clone — not such a bad thing — but trades jewel matching for shoes, lipstick and, err, jewel matching. Further solidifying the fantasy to high school setting change is the swapping out of spells and incantations for "rumors, pranks and putdowns." We should work on our own, Kotaku branded Puzzle Quest rip. There's obviously money it. ‘Mean Girls' Game Plays Like ‘Puzzle Quest' In A High School, Stars Lindsay Lohan [MTV Multiplayer]