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TimeGate And Paramount Reach Section 8 Agreement

Illustration for article titled TimeGate And Paramount Reach Section 8 Agreement

TimeGate Studios once again successfully defends the name of their game, reaching an agreement with Paramount in the lawsuit over the name Section 8.


TimeGate filed the lawsuit earlier this month, after Paramount sent out a press release announcing an interactive web series called Section 8, days after cancelling a meeting with TimeGate regarding their game. According to an official statement released today, Paramount has agreed to not use the name for their web series, and TimeGate has agreed to drop the lawsuit without prejudice.

As mentioned in our original post on the lawsuit, this marks the second time that TimeGate has had to protect their trademark from big media companies, settling out of court last year with ABC over a proposed Section 8 television series.


I just hope the game turns out well, because Section 8 would have been a great name for a TV series. Just saying.

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damn, what's so special about Section 8 in particular? Any number would work