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Game Suing Movie Studio Over Name

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TimeGate are working on a game called Section 8. Paramount Pictures announced a web series called Section 8 only three days after cancelling a meeting with TimeGate about, yes, Section 8. Co-incidence? Hardly.


So TimeGate are suing Paramount. And good for them! After all, they're on a roll, as last year ABC tried to call a TV series Section 8, so TimeGate sued. And won (well, settled out of court), with ABC changing the name of the series.


Which goes to show, you stick to your guns, and even an under-the-radar video game from a small developer/publisher combo can take on the big boys and come away with a win.

TimeGate Sues Paramount Over Section 8 Trademark [Team Xbox]

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Man, its always about Sector 8, ALWAYS!!!

The supplies? Sector 8.

The manpower? Sector 8.

The BUDGET? Yeah, you guessed it. Sector F****8

What about Sector 7? We are working here too you know.

*whispers* what are we working on...

*walks away*