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Anthony Puzo - son of Mario Puzo, author and creator of the Godfather - has begun legal proceedings against Paramount Pictures, accusing them of stiffing him over royalty payments he's owed in connection with the recent Godfather game. Puzo says that a deal was struck between his father and Paramount in 1992, whereby the now-deceased series creator (and by succession, his kids) would receive a "significant share of the revenue of any audio-visual products" associated with the Godfather, but then accuses Paramount of failing to "pay the Puzo Estate the sums due it in respect of the Godfather game". I don't know what Paramount are getting at, but if I was dealing with the family of the guy who created the Godfather, I would not mess with their money, and I would not mess with their respect.


Son of "Godfather" sues Paramount over video game [Reuters]


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