The Original Bird Dating Sim Is Getting An English Remake

Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese dating sim that replaces the usual array of sexy anime characters with pictures of birds. Devolver Digital and Mediatonichave teamed up to official bring this wonderfully creepy thing to the Western world. » 6/07/14 4:09pm 6/07/14 4:09pm

Foul Play Battles its Demons in a Crowd-Pleasing Way

A daemonologist, a chimney sweep, a stage play in Victorian England. Foul Play could have taken its inspiration from any number of sources. In fact, a music video from 1996 is largely how developer Mediatonic ended up with these themes on this type of game, a sidescrolling beat-em-up coming to Xbox Live in… » 8/31/13 1:30pm 8/31/13 1:30pm

Amateur Surgeon 3 Keeps The Trauma Center Dream Alive... Barely.

I loved the Trauma Center series from Atlus. It was over-the-top dramatic and played fast and loose with real medical procedures, but games were amazing fun. I miss them, so much so that Mediatonic's stupid parody, now on its third installment, feels good to me, even if kicks off with me operating on a pug and goes… » 8/09/13 2:30pm 8/09/13 2:30pm

Who's That Flying Coming to PSP, PS3

Who's that Flying?! is a Playstation minis game described as a side-scrolling shooter meets tower defense (with courtroom drama and intrigue!) doused in sheer awesomeness… AND THEN SET ON FIRE. » 8/04/10 12:00pm 8/04/10 12:00pm

Monsters Probably Stole Your Princess

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator creators Mediatonic are making a move onto the PSP next month with Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, a game that pushes the size limit for PSP minis. » 1/11/10 5:20pm 1/11/10 5:20pm