Fall Guys' Most Boring Level Is Getting Way Deadlier

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Much like last month’s addition of a giant spinning hammer, Fall Guys is set to receive more variations that spice up some of its existing mini-games. Mediatonic’s first preview of these remixed stages reveals an interesting spin on Perfect Match, one of the game’s more boring levels.

It’s no secret that Fall Guys has some objective stinkers in its mini-game pool. Perfect Match chief among them; the memory game can often feel too easy. But after the next update, players will also need to contend with a spinning bar as they scramble to memorize fruit placement.


While I’m not playing Fall Guys as much as I used to, it’s great to see Mediatonic continue to iterate on past levels even as they add new content. Perfect Match was a consistent snoozefest in the first season, but this wonderful new addition is sure to make every visit more compelling and challenging.

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Keyan Reid

Honest question, are folks still playing this game?

Hard to say exactly why, but I got a real “Bird Box” vibe from this game, in that it seemed like it was everywhere and all anyone was talking about for a hot minute...and then everyone just moved on. Oh, and later on, it turned out all the positive buzz was actually viral marketing.

I heard this game was fun, and then Among Us stole the spotlight and it seemed like the Fall Guys hype was done.