Fall Guys Cheaters Were Sent To Cheater Island

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Following in the footsteps of games like Apex Legends, Fall Guys developers Mediatonic decided that if people were going to cheat in their game, then they could all go somewhere off to the side and cheat together.

In a Twitter thread posted earlier today (which starts below), they said after some initial testing in the game’s early days, a decision was made to send anyone reliably caught cheating off to Cheater Island—servers and games which would only be populated by other cheats.


This is always the best and most fun way of dealing with cheats, but sadly, it was not to last forever. In the same thread it’s revealed that, not long after some players began getting wise to the ploy and posting videos of what was thought to be Cheater Island (they could never be 100% sure), Mediatonic shut it down.

Now, instead of being sent to the daycare centre from hell, cheating players will simply not be able to login. A more just punishment, maybe, but not as fun.

That too is just a temporary stop-gap though, because going forwards Fall Guys is going to be using Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat tech.

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Batista Thumbs Up

Shoot. I had dreams that those cheaters were sent to an island where all the See Saws fully tilt at any touch or a Door Dash where all the doors are fake.