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What’s New In Fall Guys Season Four Today

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
fall guys season four
Screenshot: Mediatonic

Fall Guys neon-soaked season four is officially out today. The update introduces a number of changes to the platformer royale, including seven new levels:

  • Basketfall: Yes, Fall Guys is getting another team-based ball-tossing mini-game. Didn’t we already learn this lesson with Egg Scramble?
  • Skyline Stumble: Earlier this month, Mediatonic showed off Skyline Stumble as the first tease of Season Four. It’ll feature 60 players, low-gravity zones, and whatever the hell “flippity bippities” are.
  • Short Circuit: This one is a short lapped race. Get it? Eh?
  • Hoverboard Heroes: Like the best Fall Guys levels, Hoverboard Heroes looks like a mad dash through an inventive obstacle course.
  • Power Trip: You know those team mini-games where you’re dropped in a paneled area, and then you have to step on panels to “switch” them over to your team? Power Trip is one of those.
  • Big Shots: Big Shots looks like Fall Guys Yahtzee. Take the core concept of Fruit Chute—dodge giant objects blasted out of cannons—except, instead of fruit, make the objects giant planets. Then have players balance on one of the see-saws from the See Saw level, everyone’s least-favorite round.
  • Roll On: Fall Guys is at its best during the straightforward obstacles course in which a gazillion pastel-colored beans sprint toward the finish. Roll On is one of those, mixing in the rotating course elements from Roll Out.

Fall Guys season four will also introduce a squad mode, which pairs players into small parties of four. If anyone in your squad wins the final round, you all claim victory—a boon to those of us who constantly make it to the finalfourth round only to lose. Squads also change how elimination works. In races, you’ll score points according to when you finish the race. Teams with the lowest score get kicked. The same principle applies to squad survival rounds: Stay on the course longer, and you’ll earn more points.


Today also sees the addition of daily challenges and a new currency called Crown Shards. Collect 60 of those, and you’ll be able to cash in for a Crown. In theory, this should lower the barrier to earning Crowns (and, more crucially, spending those Crowns on the game’s increasingly wacky cosmetics).

These come alongside a litany of bug fixes that Mediatonic detailed in a tweet last week. For one, Fall Mountain will now spawn players in a single line so as not to give anyone an advantage. In Door Dash, you’ll no longer get disqualified if you finish the race so hard that you launch over the edge. There are other general performance fixes, user interface improvements, and the like, too. But best of all, you’ll be able to quit at any time after elimination, meaning you needn’t wait for the next round to load.


With previous Fall Guys seasons, I’ve bounced off quickly, finding that each new season added little to the game. But seven new rounds that also look fun might be enough to draw me in. Plus, the seasonal theme—a far-off future that looks disconcertingly like the ‘80s, minus the cocaine—is intriguing. We’ll see how long the interest holds.

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