Fall Guys Coming To Switch This Summer [Update: And Xbox]

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Screenshot: Nintendo / Mediatonic / YouTube

This one’s no hill of beans. Fall Guys will come out on Switch at some point in the summer.


Following a savvy, streamer-centric marketing campaign, Fall Guys first came out last August for PC and PlayStation 4, where it exploded in popularity. That month, Fall Guys was one of the “free” games available for PS Plus subscribers. Before the month was up, Sony announced that Fall Guys was the most globally downloaded PS Plus game “of all time.”

But if you’ve played even one round, you know that the game’s signature mix of platforming and defying-most-laws-of-physics-ing is best-suited for something like the Nintendo Switch. It’s one thing to hog the living room TV for endless rounds of pastel face-planting, but being able to play Fall Guys handheld while you’re binging episodes of Warrior in the background is the ideal way to play.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo’s notoriously erratic servers will weather the game’s 60-person rounds.

Update: 9:11 a.m. ET, 2/18/20: Microsoft announced this morning that Fall Guys will come to Xbox consoles this summer as well.

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So long as my content from Playstation can carryover to Switch, I’m in!