Fall Guys Is The Most Downloaded PlayStation Plus Game Ever

Don’t mind me, reliving past glories.
Don’t mind me, reliving past glories.
Screenshot: Mediatonic

Apparently, if you make a super-fun, incredibly approachable game and release it for free on a popular game console’s online subscription service, tons of people will download it. According to the official PlayStation Twitter, Fall Guys is the best example of this, downloaded more times than any other free game on PS Plus. Cool beans, right?


As I write this I have Fall Guys running on my PlayStation 4, having jumped into the game for a pre-work match earlier this morning, so the PlayStation tweet comes as no surprise.

Congratulations, indeed, Mediatonic. Now get rid of all forms of Tail Tag and you’ll be the greatest game developer of all time as well.

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Does anyone know how the payment/reimbursement process works for games on the PS+ free menu?  I hope those guys are getting a nice, giant stack of cash for this because it's well deserved.