Fall Guys Introduces Remixed Stages In Mid-Season Update

tip toe mini game in fall guys
Screenshot: Mediatonic

If you memorized the stages in Fall Guys like you would the freckles of an ex, you might’ve done yourself a disservice. Today the latest patch for the game went live, and it introduced significant tweaks to some of the stages in this bubblegum-colored platformer royale. Even seasoned players might get grabbed by surprise.

For example, in some instances of Hit Parade, the lollipops no longer swing perpendicularly. They’re parallel with the pathway, and swing forward and back instead. On Door Dash (which should really just switch names with Gate Crash), sometimes, the gates don’t shift up and down in an alternating pattern. They’re staggered, like a wave. On See Saw, the worst mini-game (despite what my colleagues think), a somersaulting hammer might pop up at the start of the final stretch. Time your jump right, and you can use it to launch you across much of that section. And, get this, you’ll never believe it, but on The Whirlygig, that central fan can now spin in both (!!) directions!

According to developer Mediatonic, these changes are dynamic. You won’t find parallel swinging lollipops on every run of Hit Parade or staggering gates on every sprint through Door Crash. Such variations are thrown into the mix at random.


These tweaks are part of the third major update to the game, and come alongside some less sexy technical updates like improved party stability (on PS4) and the “ability to bind game actions to mouse buttons” (on PC). It’s all billed as a “mid-season” patch, meant to inject some new life into Fall Guys before the medieval-themed second season comes out with new rounds. To take it from the main menu—on PlayStation 4, at least—there are 20 days remaining in the game’s first season.

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On Door Dash (which should really just switch names with Gate Crash)“