Long Lost LaserDisc Found, Features Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Footage

"Through the Force, things you will see. The future, the past, old friends long gone." Someone has just found a disc full of behind the scenes, never before seen footage from Return of the Jedi. Two clips were uploaded to a Facebook page yesterday: a silent 59 seconds of R2-D2 repairing Luke’s X-Wing on Dagobah, and a… » 10/23/13 8:24pm 10/23/13 8:24pm

J.J. Abrams: Being A Part Of The Next Star Wars Is 'An Absolute Honor'

Though it was widely-reported that Star Trek director J.J. Abrams would also go on to direct the next Star Wars, it wasn't until tonight that Lucasfilm issued an official statement. Included are not only remarks from a very humble J.J, but also industry professionals vouching that the franchise is in good hands. » 1/26/13 1:45am 1/26/13 1:45am