Tips For Playing Bloodborne (Updated!)

You may have noticed a lot of people talking about the new PS4 game Bloodborne. It’s good, they say. It’s really difficult, they say. Maybe you’ve considered checking it out, but you’re worried about that difficulty. I’m here to help. » 3/31/15 5:30pm Tuesday 5:30pm

Every Time I Beat A Demon's Souls Boss, I Feel Like A Badass

Games don't prompt me to stand up and scream on a regular basis. When I kill off a boss in a Souls game, however, I feel powerful. I earned this victory, and want to shout it to the world. » 3/18/15 7:25pm 3/18/15 7:25pm

The Demon's Souls Troll That Made Me Rage Quit

It's been a long time since I've done this, but I have my limits! While playing Demon's Souls over the weekend, a player forced me to turn off my PlayStation 3. Screw off, Potato Marshal! » 3/16/15 4:39pm 3/16/15 4:39pm

A Game That Combines Dark Souls With A Stylish Horror Flick

Once bitten by the Souls bug, there's no going back. Everything is different, and all you want is more of it. While I patiently wait for Bloodborne, I've searched for more Souls to consume, and found myself drawn to Malebolgia, best described as Souls mixed with a stylish horror flick. » 3/09/15 2:10pm 3/09/15 2:10pm

Apparently I'm Not Playing Demon's Souls The 'Right Way'

I've never encountered a more tribal community of fans than worshippers of the Souls games. There may not be another game series where more people are ready to tell you how wrong you are. For me, the criticism began when I picked my class for a playthrough of Demon's Souls. » 2/19/15 2:33pm 2/19/15 2:33pm

Dark Souls Characters Turned Into Amazing Statues

The raw looks and the rough paint job make these figurines by artist futantshadow unique and cool. They're just like the ones in all three Souls games: blurred shapes in the dark, coming after you. » 12/19/14 9:30am 12/19/14 9:30am

The Honest Dark Souls Trailer Is Not Just About The Difficulty

We all know by now that the Souls games can be hard and painful and luckily Smosh Games' latest Honest Trailer is not just a clip about that. It rather makes fun of neglected topics such as the community, the art direction... and the games' connection to Cat Mario. » 10/15/14 9:20am 10/15/14 9:20am

​Five Years Later, Demon's Souls Is Still Pretty Funny

I've said it before: The Souls games don't get enough credit for their sense of humor. Sure, they're stressful and challenging, but they can also be good for a laugh. » 7/16/14 3:30pm 7/16/14 3:30pm

There are Guns, But From Software's Bloodborne Won't Be a Shooter

Yes, Dark Souls II Looks Different Than It Did Last Year

If you've been playing Dark Souls II, and following the coverage leading up to the game's release, you may have noticed that the version of Dark Souls II that was originally shown off to the public was not the same as the game we got on consoles. Tweaks to the lighting, overhauls in the structure of the game and… » 3/13/14 5:00pm 3/13/14 5:00pm

It Doesn't Get More Dark Souls Than This

This little extract is from the Dark Souls art book, and has been doing the rounds on Twitter today. It is the most Dark Souls thing you will ever read. » 1/21/14 10:30pm 1/21/14 10:30pm

I’ll Never Forget my First Journey with a Stranger

I love co-op gaming. Ever since I was a child, I have loved teaming up with friends to beat a game together. But Journey taught me something I had missed out on, the joy of teaming up with a complete stranger. » 11/05/13 8:00am 11/05/13 8:00am

Leaked Dark Souls II Videos Show Co-Op, Armor and Enemies

Dark Souls 2 isn’t out until March of next year. But the network beta’s been running in Japan and other places for a little while now. You know what that means: leaked footage showing what the hotly-anticipated sequel looks and plays like. There’s about an hour’s worth of footage total here so get a snack. » 9/30/13 12:30pm 9/30/13 12:30pm

Dark Souls 2 Owes Me No Favors, And I Respect That

I have never played Dark Souls. I believe I should probably preface this article by making this fact clear. The original Demon's Souls hated me. » 9/18/13 9:00pm 9/18/13 9:00pm

The Perfect Game Follows These Eight Rules

Over the years, I've played a truckload of video games. Since my youth, when I fell in love for the first and only time—Metroid was what did it, on a chilly autumn night, me with my shirt off, thumbing the controller, over and over, until it hurt—I haven't been able to recreate that feeling of joy, that ecstatic… » 12/28/12 5:00pm 12/28/12 5:00pm

Here's What The Developers Of Dark Souls II Can Do To Make It Better

Good morning again, Kotaku! I want to thank you all for the warm reception this weekend—thy scent is very human indeed, dear readership. And isn't the sun glorious today? » 12/23/12 11:00am 12/23/12 11:00am