Source: Leaked "Crucible" Is Oblivion Designer's New Console RPG

Sega's denial to MTV Multiplayer earlier today that it was publishing the game seen in the leaked Crucible video that spilled out of the Intellisponse fiasco sounds legit, according to a source. We've been told that that clip has nothing to do with Sega's game trademark of a similar name, but is instead the work of… »6/17/08 10:40pm6/17/08 10:40pm

Sega Says Leaked "Crucible" Is Not Its Silicon Knights Game

One of the many rumored games—that may or may not be actual games—that sneaked out of the Intellisponse leak this weekend was a title known as "Crucible." A trailer for the unannounced action game quickly made its way to YouTube, leading many to believe it was Sega's The Crucible: Evil Within, a title the publisher … »6/17/08 4:40pm6/17/08 4:40pm