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Destiny Players Embarrass Opponents With Gimmick Matches

Watch as a team of Destiny players win matches despite having handicaps. This match, for example? It's melee only. No shooting. The team still wins. By a lot.


It's amazing to watch this set of Destiny players bob and weave around the enemy team, especially as the other team tries to frantically shoot down the incoming melees. They usually can't, though.

This is but one set of "challenges" taken up by ex-MLG player arCtiCvBi and friends. They've also won matches where they decide to play with only snipers:

(They even get the Strength of the Wolf while doing this, which makes it particularly impressive.)


And matches where they win Control without ever actually taking a control point:

arCtiCvBi also plans on doing other Destiny challenge matches, like ones where you only use hipfire, and ones where you only use white weapons. You can see the full list here.

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I remember I decided to try a gimmick match of my own by using the first gun you get in the game. Still did okay.