Microsoft/Activision News Leak: The Round-Up

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Just wake up? Boy, did you miss a ton of stuff! Marketing research firm Intellisponse forgot all about standard internet security protocols and left a whole bunch of secret, yet-to-be-announced game information accessible to the public (first spotted by MMaRsu@GAF). Stuff that, you should be made aware, is totally unconfirmed. But also stuff that, from the looks of it, may well have been due to appear as official E3 announcements (for Microsoft) or official same-time-as-E3 announcements (for Activision). If you were sleeping, or otherwise missed it, catch up on it all by hitting the links below.


Leak Seems to Confirm Xbox Live Avatars On the Way

Leaked Details On Lips, Microsoft's Answer To SingStar

More Leaks: Forza 3 and Call of Duty

Game Show Channel Coming To Xbox Live

Guitar Hero World Tour's New Guitar Control Revealed, Priced

Ultimate Band for Wii: Music Games in a More Casual Style

Spider-Man Wii Games To Use Wii Fit Balance Board, "Web Shooter" Controllers

Rumor: "Trioxide" To Allow Console Games To Be Played On PC?

Powers & Titans Probably Announced For 360, PS3, PC

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms

Microsoft Avatars Will Be Playable, Licensed?

New Tony Hawk Game To Employ Motion-Controlled Peripheral?

Racing Equity Probably Announced

You Don't Know Jack Probably Announced For The Wii



Luke Plunkett

@J449: Be a credible theory if it were only one company's news being leaked. Can't really see both MIcrosoft and Activision conspiring on this one.