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Sega Says Leaked "Crucible" Is Not Its Silicon Knights Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the many rumored games—that may or may not be actual games—that sneaked out of the Intellisponse leak this weekend was a title known as "Crucible." A trailer for the unannounced action game quickly made its way to YouTube, leading many to believe it was Sega's The Crucible: Evil Within, a title the publisher trademarked in April 2007.

The Crucible trailer also led some to draw the conclusion that it was the unnamed title that Silicon Knights was developing as a follow-up to Too Human. Sega has since denied that the trailer is that particular project, with a rep going on record saying "it's definitely not the project that Silicon Knights and SEGA are producing." The carefully worded statement doesn't rule out that the game is ultimately Sega's, but it does tell us to expect something "soon."

Sega: Supposedly Leaked Silicon Knights Title Is Not Our Game [MTV Multiplayer]