Just last week, a large event was announced involving celebrities and popular streamers. But that event has now been postponed as Amazon Games focuses on improving the game. That appears to be the current state of Crucible: Nearly every post on its official Twitter account is about patches, updates, fixes, and new builds.


From a technical standpoint, it seems that Crucible’s biggest problem is with matchmaking. Players are having to wait a long time to find matches. This could just be an issue with its servers, but it could also be a sign that Crucible doesn’t have a large community supporting it. Glancing at the player count on Steam Charts, things aren’t looking good. With a peak of 10,600 concurrent players, Crucible is doing worse than 2016’s Battleborn, a similar hero-based PVP game that never found much success. As of today, fewer than 2,500 players are currently online in Crucible. And that’s a problem for a game built around the presumption that many players will log in every day.