In a developer update, Crucible developers Relentless Studios have announced that they are removing two of the three game modes from the free-to-play shooter. The developer says they want to focus on their most popular mode while working to improve the game and add features like voice chat.

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Faux Bravo

Having played only a tiny bit of Amazon’s games, and all early builds for... reasons, it seems to me like they’re trying to go too big too fast.

From what I’ve seen and my experience, Breakaway was their most fun idea and it got scrapped.

You don’t just come out and make Breath of the Wild, you have to make Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda first. Fortnite maybe came out of nowhere, but it came from a developer with a long history and the talent to make it happen.

Maybe they should have aimed way lower to build up a little portfolio and reputation for themselves first. Seems crazy to me to just try to aim to take down giants in popular genres by building your own weaker giants.