Ship Spinning Triumphantly Returns to EVE Online November 29

Your long struggle is now over, EVE Online players, as CCP gears up for the November 29 release of its 15th free expansion, Crucible, returning your beloved spaceships to spinning in stations status following a brief period of madness.

Having been playing EVE Online myself while no one was looking, I can attest to the fact that Crucible is the greatest free expansion yet. No longer will we be forced to stare at our silly new avatars standing in a room while docked at a space station. Instead, we'll be able to switch between the captain's quarters and the old spinning ship animation. It's like having an old friend return after you watched them get run over by a steamroller and set on fire.


For those of you that love the new captain's quarters, CCP is introducing a series of themed rooms so that the quarters matches the station you're docked in, rather than having them all be the same as they are now. Awesome.

And hey, Eve Sans Neue! That's a brand-new font that will make the user interface legible for the first time since the game launched.

All this plus new player-designed ships, balance enhancement, time dilation for large scale battles, and much, much more! Now how much would you pay!? Who cares, it's free!

Hit up the official Crucible page for more details on the exciting changes coming November 29. I need to catch my breath.


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