One Lousy Chrono Trigger Song Coming To Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

This weekend Square Enix announced downloadable songs from non-Final Fantasy games coming to the latest iteration of FF's rhythm game. That's four songs from Bravely Default, three from the SaGa series and one each from Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. That's not right. » 12/22/14 1:00pm 12/22/14 1:00pm

Bravely Second Dated for Japan, Getting Limited Edition Bundle

In Japan, Bravely Second has a release date. The game will be out next year on April 23. It's also getting a very cool-looking Collector's Pack. » 12/09/14 4:00am 12/09/14 4:00am

Bravely Second is Exactly What You Want It to Be

Bravely Default is a darling of a JRPG that hearkens back to the Final Fantasy games of yore—and one of the best games the 3DS has to offer. From playing the game's demo, Bravely Second seems like simply more of the classic JRPG gameplay you know and love. » 9/19/14 2:00am 9/19/14 2:00am

Here's The New Trailer For Bravely Second

Bravely Second, the long-awaited sequel to Bravely Default, got a new trailer that was shown during today's 3DS Nintendo Direct. It's above, have a look—the world map and the cities look even more beautiful than in the first game. » 8/29/14 10:45am 8/29/14 10:45am

Wouldn't it be cool if someone remixed the character themes from Bravely Default? Yeah, that'd be cool - and hey, someone has. DJ Cutman & Ralfington, specifically - you can watch a trailer up top or buy the four tracks at » 5/14/14 9:00pm 5/14/14 9:00pm

I Hope JRPGs Use This Stunning Photoreal Tech

Japan's Silicon Studio is perhaps best known for co-developing the Bravely Default games with Square Enix. The studio has a new, next-gen game engine, and it looks beautiful. » 4/08/14 4:00am 4/08/14 4:00am

It Takes A Special Game To Make Me This Obsessive, Bravely Default

I'm fifty-two hours into my first play-through of Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies. All four of my characters are level 99, each has all 24 of the game's jobs mastered. I've not maxed-out levels and jobs in a Final Fantasy game in... ever. » 3/23/14 7:00pm 3/23/14 7:00pm

Bravely Default's Success Is Good News For JRPG Fans

Nintendo announced last night that Bravely Default, the excellent role-playing game released last month for 3DS, sold over 200,000 copies in three weeks in the United States. » 3/14/14 12:00pm 3/14/14 12:00pm

Confessions Of A Final Fantasy Addict

When I was a kid, I sometimes took weekend trips to my grandparents' house in Queens. I told my parents it was to "visit" and "spend time with them," but really it was so I could binge on JRPGs. » 2/28/14 3:00pm 2/28/14 3:00pm

The Bravely Default Live Concert Was So Good It's Ridiculous [Update]

Bravely Default Was Influenced By... Uh, 90210

Play a couple hours of the terrific new JRPG Bravely Default and a number of its influences will become apparent. There's Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, and so on. But one influence may be less evident…. the early 90s high school TV drama Beverly Hills 90210. » 2/18/14 7:30pm 2/18/14 7:30pm

Bravely Default: The Kotaku Review

There's an old saying: if it looks like a Final Fantasy, feels like a Final Fantasy, and sounds like a Final Fantasy, it's probably Bravely Default. » 2/07/14 12:00pm 2/07/14 12:00pm

How Bravely Default Became A Classic 'Old-School' JRPG

On Friday, Americans will finally get to start experiencing Bravely Default, a new role-playing game by Square Enix that's really quite great. (Look out for my review of the game by the end of the week.) » 2/05/14 12:30pm 2/05/14 12:30pm

A Tale Of Two Final Fantasys

In 2003, two companies named Square and Enix merged, and everything went crazy. It was one of those Transformative Genre Moments, you know? The world's two biggest JRPG franchises—Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest—now belonged to the same company. » 1/31/14 3:00pm 1/31/14 3:00pm