There Might Just Be More Battlefield: Bad Company on the Way

Those guys at DICE, man, they are busy. They've got betas to test and bugs to squash as Battlefield 3—undoubtedly one of the biggest games of the year—gears up for release. That's a lot of work. So, could they possibly be thinking about the story-driven Bad Company branch of their FPS franchise? » 10/07/11 7:20pm 10/07/11 7:20pm

News About BF:BC Maps Helps Us Speculate About Zune

Battlefield: Bad Company » 9/28/08 3:00pm 9/28/08 3:00pm is getting four free multiplayer maps in the next month. That comes from Major Nelson’s latest “blogcast.” The tidbit is in a 10-minute discussion with Gordon Van Dyke of developer DICE. The maps are converted singleplayer levels from the game’s campaign mode, tuned up for conquest mode,…

Battlefield: Bad Company Adding PS3 Trophies, Unlocking Bonus Weapons

EA's hopping on the PlayStation Trophy bandwagon, adding support for Sony's answer to Achievements after the fact in an upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company update. The game joins PSN release NovaStrike as the latest to pledge Trophy support, making it borderline newsworthy as one of the new cool kids on the block. » 9/09/08 7:40pm 9/09/08 7:40pm

New Battlefield Bad Company Dev Diary Talks Audio

Coming from a background in film I can tell you being a Foley artist or a sound designer can be two of the most stressful, but creative jobs in the business. This new developer diary from Battlefield Bad Company shows that even in games, these positions still require a ton of work. It's really fascinating to see… » 8/11/08 6:00pm 8/11/08 6:00pm

The Magical Disappearing Battlefield: Bad Company Stats

Battlefield: Bad Company players around the world just about had a heart attack last night as they logged onto the game to discover their ranks, unlocks, and medals had all been completely reset. Purchasers of the Gold Edition of the game even found that their five very special guns they got for paying an extra $10… » 7/07/08 11:20am 7/07/08 11:20am

Battlefield: Bad Company Review: Going For The Gold

I've always been of two minds regarding EA DICE's Battlefield series. While I've enjoyed countless hours finding creative ways to destroy my fellow players in gigantic military conflicts, overall the games lacked a certain charisma. The sort of personality and immersion that can only come from having experienced a… » 7/03/08 2:30pm 7/03/08 2:30pm

Frankenreview: Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360)

EA DICE's Battlefield series has been providing PC gamers (and eventually console owners) with solid, entertaining online multiplayer battles for a good six years now. Now that they've proven they can deliver the multiplayer goods they've taken on the single player experience with Battlefield: Bad Company, seeking to… » 7/02/08 2:30pm 7/02/08 2:30pm