More Battlefield: Bad Company On The Way

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Seems EA's John Riccitiello didn't get the memo that the "Battlefield Announcement Event" in the UK had been snowed out, because during this afternoon's Q309 conference call, he went ahead and announced a new Battlefield game.


Sadly for fans of the core series, it's not one of those games. Instead, it's a sequel to last year's Battlefield: Bad Company, is being developed by DICE, will be out on the same engine (so don't expect any drastic changes) and is scheduled to appear in early 2010.

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Bearded Bastard

ppl say its horrible because the fact that it wasnt as good as other games, its not the greatest battlefield, but its definitly a good one, its different, and it is above all a brand new game engine, more advanced with the fancy stuff than any other, maybe not the core stuff that matters but the fancy stuff is just in abundance.

the game will only get better, they will use the frostbite engine, and they will be able to improve upon the groundwork bad company laid out.

maybe more accurate destruction. maybe MORE destruction, i dont mind the building frames out, but i mean more condensed areas, AND vehicles, not one or the other. and above all, maybe more players.