Seems Electronic Arts were due to hold a big press event in the UK today. Show off some new (including unannounced) games. Only problem is, there's record snowfall in the UK at the moment.

Yup, a snow day! Which means the event was called off. That didn't stop word leaking out about which games were due to be revealed, though. According to a report on VG247, not only were the three new Need for Speed games due to make an appearance, but also some new stuff.

Like a brand new, unannounced game from DICE, which VG247 reckon is a new Battlefield title. Also meant to be shown was an Army of Two sequel.


EA, not wanting the surprise spoiled, refused to confirm any of this, of course. Meaning we'll have to wait until the snow dies down and the event's rescheduled to hear more.

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