News About BF:BC Maps Helps Us Speculate About Zune

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Battlefield: Bad Company is getting four free multiplayer maps in the next month. That comes from Major Nelson’s latest podcast “blogcast.” The tidbit is in a 10-minute discussion with Gordon Van Dyke of developer DICE. The maps are converted singleplayer levels from the game’s campaign mode, tuned up for conquest mode, Gordon says. The rest of the zunecast "blogcast" deals with the GTA IV Live Weekend (about to expire) and about 30 minutes of major Zune pimpage, including a not-so-arch remark about how well it works with the 360 and how "other devices" don't because they "changed their protocol." Who knows, maybe all this cross-marketing is Microsoft tipping its hand toward bringing Zune Marketplace to Xbox Live. Remember, both services are down at the same time, beginning at 12:01 a.m. PDT tomorrow. Show #294 [Major Nelson, thanks Nathaniel V.]


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Apparently the Voice Chat and squad system for BF:BC are gonna be fixed at some point in the future mit an update.