There Might Just Be More Battlefield: Bad Company on the Way

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Those guys at DICE, man, they are busy. They've got betas to test and bugs to squash as Battlefield 3—undoubtedly one of the biggest games of the year—gears up for release. That's a lot of work. So, could they possibly be thinking about the story-driven Bad Company branch of their FPS franchise?


Turns out the answer is maybe. Game Informer's got producer Patrick Liu on the record as saying the following:

"We haven't killed Bad Company!" he said. "But we can only make so many games. Be patient – there might be something else coming up...

"We always have a couple of projects going on – some of them die, but some are more fruitful. We don't have any plans to make Battlefield an annual title – we want to make it ourselves we don't want anyone else doing it! And no studio can make an annual franchise by themselves – well, the sports titles can but they're a very different breed."


Of course, that something else could be a much-hoped-for Mirror's Edge 2 but, given the way that Bad Company 2 performed, it's entirely likely that we'll be seeing the roguish soldiers of B Company before parkour-tastic heroine Faith makes her return.

DICE Producer Hints At A Future Bad Company Title [the Guardian via Game Informer]

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