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Battlefield 3's Caspian Border Opens to PC Beta Testers Starting Today

Illustration for article titled emBattlefield 3s/em Caspian Border Opens to PC Beta Testers Starting Today

Battlefield 3's Caspian Border, packed with vehicles and jets, is getting one last test before the open beta shuts down.


Developers DICE writes on the Battlelog blog that they're opening up the map this weekend to do some load testing using 64-player matches.

Do keep in mind that this is a beta and a stress test, so it is likely not going to be the smoothest online gaming you've participated in.


"As we are again specifically testing 64-player server configurations, this test will be for PC only. The Caspian Border servers will be available for all PC players to join. Caspian Border will be available starting Friday, October 7, in the afternoon (CET)," according to the blog post.

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Does it concern anyone else that the game is in a pretty rough state currently, even for a beta, and yet the final product comes out in 3 weeks? As I have worked in game development, I am know all too well the of end of development crunch time courtesy of EA, but they need a lot more than two months of crunching to get the game in a state reflective of its triple A status and budget. Youtube is overflowing with videos of serious, sometimes game-breaking, bugs and glitches.

I want Battlefield 3 to be great. I want to enjoy it for years like I enjoyed Battlefield 2. Is it wrong to have very high expectations for BF3?