Battlefield: Bad Company players around the world just about had a heart attack last night as they logged onto the game to discover their ranks, unlocks, and medals had all been completely reset. Purchasers of the Gold Edition of the game even found that their five very special guns they got for paying an extra $10 had disappeared. Oh no! What are we to do when our stats are erased!?

In the words of the greatest literary mind of our time, don't panic.

My stats were down last night as well, and when I logged into the game just a half hour ago, everything was back to normal. This was an issue that occured on a regular basis with Battlefield 2, and we can probably assume that it will happen on and off with Bad Company as well. The servers go down, and when they come back up it takes time for all of the stats to return. You didn't really think EA DICE would screw up that big, did you?