Japanese Developers Weigh in on the PS4

Last week, Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu asked their readers what they thought about the PS4. In this week's issue, the question was lobbed in the direction of many of Japan's biggest game makers, to get the developer point of view on Sony's as-of-yet faceless console. Take a look at what some of them had to… » 3/14/13 6:00am 3/14/13 6:00am

MadWorld Isn't Just About Throwing People Into Walls Of Spikes, Y'know

Sega wanted to clear something up about MadWorld » 8/22/08 5:20pm 8/22/08 5:20pm at Games Convention. You won't just be cruising the black and white streets of Mad City, tossing scores of chumps into meat grinders, slicing them in half with Dumpster lids and beheading them in style with daggers akimbo. There's more to it than that. First of all,…

Okami Producer Says Exclusives "Make No Sense"

Choices, choices, choices. We've got three home console platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. (Don't forget the PC!) And that's just current gen! The PS2 is still going strong. Add to that, portable platforms the PSP and the DS. Game developers do have a wide range of choices. Yet some choose to stick their games on a… » 6/05/08 8:00am 6/05/08 8:00am