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Platinum Games' MadWorld is black and white — and red. Besides blood, everything is monochrome. Just because early video games were black and white that doesn't mean it's easiest to churn out a B&W title. Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba says that it's actually pretty hard.


According to Inaba, it wasn't feasible for the developers to make a title in black and white as it was difficult to differentiate items on the screen. "Even with this game, there was a certain amount of trepidation on the part of the team to make it in black-and-white. But once we actually built what you've seen, we were very happy," said Inaba.

"Obviously, there aren't any other games like this, and that is central to the look of the game. As soon as we realized that we had something on our hands that was going to work, we began to be really afraid — we wanted to hurry and get this out there in front of fans so that somebody didn't come in and steal our thunder."


Inaba added that there were no plays to included a "colorized" version of MadWorld as an extra. "Getting the full impact of adding color is really more the PS3 or 360's territory," said Inaba. "We'd rather not do it at all."

MadWorld Preview [1Up]

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