Bloody MadWorld isn't your typical Wii game by any stretch. It's got mini-games, but violent ones. Wii Sports, this ain't. But for Platinum Games, the developers of MadWorld, the fit makes perfect sense. Says the game's producer Atsushi Inaba:

We're really interested in the Wii platform so we wanted to create a really cool and stylish game for that... As you can see [from our Leipzig presentation] it's really easy to pick up and play so when we came up with the concept of Mad World the Wii felt like a good console for that. It feels like a game that is at home on Wii.

Stuff like this is good for the Wii as a platform, you know. It really is. The machine is starting to get pigeonholed. MadWorld concept "really suited Wii" [CVG]