Will Max Anarchy Be The World's First 'Massively Multiplayer Online Fighter'?

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The makers of Max Anarchy, who also made Bayonetta, Madworld and Vanquish, believe they have an all-new genre on their hands—or at least a creative new combination of two old ones—with the massively multiplayer online fighter.


Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba has offered new details on the fifth game from the development studio, Max Anarchy, in Japan's Famitsu magazine. According to Andriasang's translation of those details, Max Anarchy will pit a "large" number of players online against each other—so, maybe not World of Warcraft numbers—in a game likened somewhat to another brawler from Sega, SpikeOut. Inaba stressed that Platinum's new game plays differently from Sega's 1998 beat 'em up, a game that was later ported to the Xbox as Spikeout: Battle Street.

Inaba tells Famitsu that, yes, Madworld star Jack will be playable in Max Anarchy, but that the two games are unrelated story-wise.

Max Anarchy will be published by Sega for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, aiming for a "worldwide release."

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